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Pneumatic wrenches. Rotation speed: 3900

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Operating pressure, at:up to 8
Maximum effort, N/m:2200
Rotation speed, rpm:16039004200500070007500
Air wrench, 1", 2200Nm, professional INTERTOOL PT-1104Air wrench, 1", 2200Nm, professional INTERTOOL PT-1104
Rating (3.79 , assessments - 24)
Maximum effort: 2200 N/m
Rotation speed: 3900 rpm
Reverse: yes
Air consumption: l/min
Hose diameter:
Operating pressure: up to 8 at
Maximum bolt diameter: 38 mm
Air inlet: 1/2"
Square shank end: 1"
Warranty period: 6 months
Weight: 20,000 kg
Volume: 0,010800
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Скорость вращения 3900 оборотов в минутуВходное воздушное отверстие..Рабочее давление до 8 АтмРеверс