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Gasoline Cultivators. Processing width: 400

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Engine capacity, cc:140
Fuel tank capacity, l:1,2
Processing width, mm:400500300–800400 / 1250
Machined depth, mm:150
Number of gears:1 F
Weight, kg:40,150
Gasoline cultivator 4,0 HP INTERTOOL TL-4000Gasoline cultivator 4,0 HP INTERTOOL TL-4000
Rating (4.09 , assessments - 11)
Engine type: gasoline, 4 stroke
Engine capacity: 140 cc
Power: 4/3000 HP/W
Fuel tank capacity: 1,2 l
Processing width: 400 mm
Machined depth: 150 mm
Drive type: worm type reducer
Start type: cord starter
Number of gears: 1 F
Other: clutch cable ; knob height adjustment
Warranty period: 12 months
Weight: 40,150 kg
Volume: 0,186144
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